Friday, January 30, 2009

And You Will Live in Terror

You're probably wondering what the hell is that "Blood!" that I list in the reading list in the right. In short: Blood! is a modern day horror rpg that simulates 80's schlock horror and all it's bombastic excesses. It's published by the good people at Postmortem Studios. 
I don't remember how I first discovered the Blood! RPG. It was probably surfing one of those PDF stores for new esoteric games. With a name like Blood!, I probably spotted it right out of the list of shitty D20 supplements that liter those websites. The cover convinced me that I had to buy it. I went on to buy every single sourcebook for the game, including a Runequest OGL thingy which I had no use for because I don't own Runequest.  I read the whole thing, even though there's nothing I hate more than reading off of my sluggish labtop. Then I put it away ( digitally) for a few months.

I figure that Blood! is a perfect game to in which to run simple one-shots. The author of the book says on many occasions that it's more than likely that the character advancement rules will not be used at all.

Currently the only players I have available to me are a bunch of fucking assholes (and I love them all) that don't care anything about RPGs, miniature gaming, or good storytelling. They are the type of guys that are willing to play RPGs when they don't have absolutely anything else to do. A long term multigenerational story set in a detailed world seems more fantastical than Tolkieen's Middle Earth itself. 

A hyperviolent session of Blood!, on the other hand, will probably fit the bill here.

Perhaps the only good thing about this shitty situation is that a group that doesn't care about RPGs won't ask me "why not just play Call of Cthulhu?" Some seasoned gamers I know aren't quite willing to spend their limited gaming time on indy games unknown by everybody in their FLGS.   

More than likely, the guys I know will tell me to fuck off. Maybe, just may be, a fast a furious (and gory) game of Blood! can make them a bit interested in RPGs. 

P.S. I'll detail the adventure on future posts. 

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