Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Introduction...what the hell is this all about?

My Roleplaying History, a short summary.

I was introduced to Role Playing Games in a lunch line in middle school. I was talking to a friend about video games when he mentioned this weird sort of game that was like a boardgame without a board, just the dice. This game's name was Rifts. Intrigued, I asked him to bring it to school. I had never seen any book like it. It's not hard to imagine that a chill that ran down my spine when I saw that diabolical cover by Keith Parkinson. This off-beat grey colored tome contained a story of a post-apocalyptic world governed by magic, high technology, and the rules to play within that world. A few weeks later my friend and I started playing free-form game sessions during lunch before getting ambitious and starting a full game. But to be quite frank: I became totally hooked on RPGs that very first day I saw the Rifts rulebook.

We played regularly during middle school and high school.  Every once in a while I faintly remember fragments of different sessions I participated in.  The 3rd Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game came out shortly before our first year of college. My friend, Juan, Dungeon Mastered an epic D&D game that lasted two years. The story, which he honestly refered to as "Beowulf," was a blatant ripoff of the anglo-saxon epic. Another player and I started out as two heroes defending our tribe from an enemy clan called Black Moon. After many battles we found out that the Black Moon clan was being manipulated by a powerful wizard called Kortren. After defeating the Black Moon we set out to find this exact revenge on the wizard for his crimes. Other players joined, eventually we became a small army of heroes fighting our way to Kortren. At one point our group had 13 members. Juan decided to move his homebrew game to the Forgotten Realms setting. We caught up to Kortren in a fortress ocuppied by demons. We defeated him at the cost of half of our adventuring party.  We went on other quests after the killed him. A year after his demise we decided to finish the game with the end of the third story arc. This game took place 8 years ago and time only makes it's memories sweeter. 
After "The Kortren Saga" I gamemastered a D20 Call of Cthulhu game titled "Those Who Hunt the Darkness" (which I ripped off a Barbara Hambly novel). I was totally unfamiliar with the Cthulhu Mythos, even going as far as skipping the eponymous story included in the rulebook. The only thing I knew about Lovecraft and his writtings was that one of his mayor themes was a thing someone called "cosmic nihilism." I decided to write a roleplay campaign around my interpretation of this concept. This D20 campaign ended up being one of the most idiosyncratic things I've ever produced. The game related the story of the Barbarosa family, whose patriarchs made a pact with a god to obtain immortality. The players became involved with the family while tracking a serial killer that was terrorizing the Boston area. The game involved a cult, an dubious group of monster hunters, black magic, distortions in the time and space. My goal during the game was to question the player's ideas of the afterlife during a moment when I questioned my own. The game ran for 6 sessions and it's the best fiction I've ever written.

After Cthulhu we the remants of our group played different game systems. I moved to the United States in 2006 to finish a bacheleors degree in Communications. I joined a fraternity on my first semester and got in a relationship on my second year in the University of North Florida. There was other stuff to do other than RPGs, so I put the hobby in the backburner ( as Rifts creator Kevin Simbieda often says) for those 2 years. I graduated college and went back to my family's new home in the small town of Waycross, Georgia. I really have the desire to return to the RPG hobby, but I don't have a group and the only people I can play with are a 2 hour drive away. 

This will hopefully be a blog about my return to the RPG hobby. 


  1. Acabo de descubrir tu blog haciendo una búsqueda acerca de cthulhu y la verdad es que esta, tu primera entrada, me ha gustado mucho. Seguiré leyendo tu blog, aunque espero que para esta fecha de hoy por fin hayas conseguido tener tu grupo de rol.

    Un saludo desde las Islas Canarias