Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strange Going-ons in Middenheim [pre-game/part1]

Ok, enough playing Call of Duty 4, Nazi Zombies! (my xbox live gamertag, btw, is vomitbrown). Time to blog about my upcomming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay oneshot. 

I've been forcing the original idea for a oneshot to mature all of today. The overall framework the story will follow is clear enough, the details are being elusive though. In "Strange Going-ons," the players are going to be night watchmen for a horribly neglected sanatorium in Middlenheim a few months after the Storm of Chaos. The adventure is meant to be different to the typical fantasy session where the PCs go to a town and are hired or volunteer to vanquish a threat. It is mostly an investigative scenario where the players are given the opportunity to acquire information which could prove more valuable than martial force. If the players follow the trail of clues, they will be given the option of manipulating their imidiate environment greatly.  NPC motivations play an integral part of this scenario. I'm working towards figuring out why the cast of secondary characters do the things they will do. 

The players will use pre-generated characters. I will roll 6 or so different characters and randomly assign them to the players. I'm making the characters because the most of the players aren't avid gamers and I fear the game will end before it begins due to boredom. I'm a couple of hours away from the group's meeting place, so pre-gen characters will be a huge time saver. 

Gameday is set for next week. I'm gonna get to work now. 

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