Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Concerning Gerald "Gerry" Cohen

Gerry Cohen is dead. 

In a very Lovecraftian turn of events, my Trail of Cthulhu character died during a one-player prelude I played with my Keeper.  I'll pick up where he left off:

Gerry drove to the Paper Mill owned by the Aimrics soon after he wrote his last journal entry. He couldn't make heads or tails of what was going on, so he figured he may be able to find some more clues to compare with the ones he already had. 
The Mill was unusually busy that night. Patrols of security guards walked around the perimeter every few minutes and giant strobe lights illuminated most of the surroundings. Gerry managed to sneak inside through an unattended cargo door. He perused around an office or two till he was discovered by a mischapen security guard. The guard knocked him out.
Gerry awoke in a murky office. A well dressed man warned him to stay away from Aimric and his secrets. He said that James Aimric was fine, but he avoided answering Gerry's questions about Mrs. Aimric's where-abouts.He gave him back his empty gun and was allowed to leave. 
On his way out Gerry saw an opened door that had a blue hue pulsating from it. He decided to run to the light to try to get away from his escort. He entered a machine room of some sorts. There were 8 or 10 sarcophagi that housed wart riddled corpses. Tubes that were connected to big generator like machines were hooked up to the sarcophagi. 
A man in a lab coat was working in the room when Gerry ran in. Without saying a word, he drew a gun and fired at him. Gerry bullrushed the man knocking him to the floor. He picked up the man's gun just in to see two guards run into the room. A shootout ensued. Gerry collapsed after the third bullet hit his shoulder. 
The man from the office walked into the room. He told Gerry that he knew too much. Now he was going to join their plan. 
"Any last words, Mr.Cohen?"
"Bring it on."


My keeper told me that the adventure was based on an Interactive Text game called Anchor Head. 
On the drive home I came up with my next character, Jack Van Buren. He's a parapsychologist with the ability to remote view. I'll chronicle his descent to madness as well. 


  1. Your character was a tought hombre! It took 4 bullets to bring him down.

  2. He was tough indeed. I totally blame myself for his demise. I was in an "Adventure!" (The White Wolf Pulp Game) mind frame when I played through the thing.
    I drank a whole six pack of Coronas in Gerry's honor.