Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gerry Cohen's Journal. Entry 3. Prelude Part 3

I keep on going over my notes time and time again. An incomplete puzzle stares back at me:

Wilhem Aimric, 17th century (grandfather)
Mordeheim Aimric, 19th century (father)
William Aimric, 19th
Edward Aimric,19th > siblings
Aimric Sister, 19th
Once, the aimric family mill employed half the town. this family is very much connected with Warwick, their downfall affected the entire town. the aversion suffered by Veronica's husband is due to his family's infamy. His bizarre behavior and subsequent disappearance could be a response to the negativity or discovery of the incest that taints his blood. Either way, his family's history is related to his disappearance ; one way or the other. Edwards misfortune could be directly related to the case.
Edward's frantic journal entry mentions his father. He mentions red-brimmed eyes, the same displayed in the paintings. The paintings that hold a horrible similarity with William's retarded look.

I drive to Warwick's town hall to look further into the manner. I tell the nice old lady in charge of the municipal archives that I'm looking into a cousin that lived here a few years ago. (I have a lot of cousins). 
I find that Edward was born the same day his grandfather Mordecai died. Mordecai died the same day his grandfather Elijah died. What the heck? 
I stay here all day, now the nice lady wants me to pack up and leave. It's almost night all-ready. I think I should check out that paper mill. I hope the paintings are the horrible fancies of a painter. I'm not looking to find terrible looking mongoloids there. At least not tonight. 

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