Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lovely Lovecraftian Art

I've been surprised to find some amazing Lovecraftian art in the various licensed Call of Cthulhu products that have been coming out recently.  The two that stand out the most, for me, are the covers for Goodman Games' Death in Luxor and Reality Deviant's Shadows of Cthulhu. 
Death in Luxor's cover, by Eddie Shamram, evokes the pulp excitement inherent in the classic Call of Cthulhu adventures. The Shadows of Cthulhu cover, by Jason Walton, evokes the mind-shattering horror of the mythos in what appears to be a modern scenario. 
I'm keeping this entry short and sweet. More Masks of Nyarlathotep journals comming up next.



  1. Hey, Call of Cthulhu PCs with guns...on a cover.


  2. yeah,
    I actually own Death in Luxor and the cover is really representative of the adventure's tone. I haven't had the chance to read through Shadows of Cthulhu; mostly because I already have 3 other Of Cthulhu games ( Trail of Cthulhu, Call of Cthulhu d20 and BRP), so buying this book would just be excessive.
    Well, let me take that back, I would buy it if the t20 rules were included. There's no way in hell I'm going to buy the T20 rulebook to then buy the SoC sourcebook.