Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dungeoneering Xbox Style

Bored out of my mind some time yesterday afternoon I popped Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes into my xbox 360. It's 8:30 am right now. I spent all night playing the son of a bitch. Heroes is a simple dungeoncrawler in the vein of Champions of Norrath (the best of it's kind) and Diablo. The game oozes old school D&D: gods-awful clitched storyline, endless dungeons populated with random monsters, and clitched characters. 
Admittedly I didn't play it under the best circumstances. This game should be played in a darkned cellar with 3 other players and 80's metal blasting out of a boom box. 
My character's name is Aledrin (as if it mattered). He's a 22th Level fighter with enough kick ass to take on an army single handedly. 


  1. Dude, Champs of Norrath is MY game! I played the first one with each character at least twice! Not a huge fan of the second one, but was still glad to have more adventure, and am running my second time through that one.

    Early this year I got a gal friend who used to play Diablo into it (similar winning gameplay), and she is knocking my door down sometimes to come play it. It's fun again with another person, because I only ever played it solo.

    I've been playing Baldur's gate on my PS 2 lately, but it is fun but a bit lacking. It's no Norrath...

  2. I have some Champs of Norrath stories myself. I discovered Champions through a friend who owned the game. Along with two other guys, we played every Friday for a couple of months. Those games were a-la-par with the best Dungeons and Dragons I had played up to that moment.
    I would have loved to play through DnD:Heroes with other people, but like Baldur's Gate: it's no Norrath.