Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Gotta admit I don't really care about "PDFgate," but...

I'm disappointed with most Publishers when it comes to PDF distribution.For a publisher to "get it right" they would have to adapt their products to work well within the medium they are being published. There are many books that have elaborate backgrounds that slows down older computers and are very cost in-effective to print out. Companies should consider this when making their books available as pdfs. I buy pdfs from RPGnow with the intent to use them on the gaming table. My old, Walmart labtop can't handle being on a gaming table surrounded by drinks for 6 hours. 
Just sayin...


  1. Well you should care about "PDFgate", I don't mean in a pulling-hair-off sort of way but at least bear a thought for those people who bought those PDFs of OOP products or where planning to do so and now have had the rug pulled under their feet.

    How would you feel if all the stuff you have on your laptop from RPGNow was lost and suddently you could not re-download it?

  2. Although I have no interest in buying Wizard products, I have downloaded a couple of their free adventures. Even used one late last year.

    I'm so old school I still like a book in my hands, but I like the cheapness factor of downloads. I'm thinking mostly that I want to be supportive of the "small guy" publishers, so Wizards and their pdf's can kiss me arse no matter the quality (which I'm sure is good...mostly).

  3. @Edsan
    Wizard's reasoning behind PDFgate is definitely "slow adultesque." They claim that it's a counter measure against piracy; which we all know will work.
    Whatever the case maybe, it's their product; they can do with it whatever they want, even if it reduces their profits.
    The whole re-downloading thing is a big deal though. I would feel ripped off if I couldn't re-download a book i bought. I totally agree with you there.

    totally agree with you about small guy publishers, Wotc, and physical books.