Monday, May 11, 2009

Chill RPG

Since I have absolutely nothing to say, I'll re-post and old entry from a Blog a kept a few years ago. Back then I was getting into the old Chill RPG. The interest quickly faded when I never found a group to game with. I did point out some of the games merits, but I ignored its clunky and over complicated system. Rules aside, Chill is a solid game that be a lot of fun to a group that is tired of Call of Cthulhu, but doesn't really want to give Hunter a spin. 

I have always been a sucker for cult culture. I feed off the energy of the fanatics that keep obscure art and games going years after it’s shelf life. My latest obsession is a 90’s horror role playing game called Chill. The game, originally designed in the 80s, deals with an organization called SAVE which combats the evil forces of the Unknown. Unlike other horror rpgs, like Kult and Call of Cthulhu, SAVE pays homage to the universal horror, the hammer movies, and the horror camp of the 90s while keeping psychological horror elements present. These disperate elements attract me to the game. I look forward to creating stories that embrace the camp of the 80s: Bela Lugosi-esque Vampires, Werewolfs, and ghosts with splatterpunkish sensibilities. I see Chill as a platform for me to tell stories about the 80s schlock movies as well as the fortean stuff I’ve spent most of the past two years reading about. My Chill game will deal with a Transylvanian vampire one week and with Mothman on the next. The character’s antagonists are creatures of The Unknown. The unknown manifests as creatures from 80s horror movies. I figure the complicated parapsychological stuff that Jacques Valle and John A. Keel wrote about can also be applied to the Unknown. (Wikipedia Jacques Valle and John A. Keel if you don’t know who they are.)

There are still a few angelfire looking Chill website around. They all host the journals of Chill campaigns that lasted for years, created by people who think Chill is Christ made into an RPG.

A young company tried to revive Chill but they have been unsuccessful. The game seems to be down for the long sleep. All the better as far as I’m concerned.